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Do you seek clarity and direction - for your day-to-day life?

Are you forging a new path – looking for ways to deal with life's strife?

Have you experienced job loss, divorce, cancer – or a lost love or two?

Is life becoming more and more challenging - and you don't know what to do?

Only Linda Sonnett shares  Angelic Insights© - answers, loving direction - that come in rhyme

Different, unusual, and unique? - Yes, but proven helpful - time after time.

The Begining

"I experienced four different types of cancers in four years which gifted me with unusual clairvoyant rhyming abilities. This is the truth. Begining with the first of my four cancers, angels came to me in my dreams warning me of cancer and asking me to do "God's Work." I was confused by the request. Angels continued to visit me with warnings of each subsequent cancer; and every warning turned out to be true. From the on set of the first cancer, I started to speak in Angelic rhyme, telling people things I couldn’t know, (much like my gifted Finnish grandmother). My practical but highly intuitive family, couldn't believe their ears! Each and every cancer brought stronger spiritual intuitive gifts, and progressive rhyming ability.

I wanted to be certain that my gifts were genuine and/or that I wasn't going crazy. So I met with internationally acclaimed Chicago Spiritualist, Eleanor Royse, Native American Shamans, Medical Doctors, Jewish Rabbis, Catholic Priests, as well as Methodist, Lutheran, and Born Again Christian Clergy. Everyone told me that "while they didn't understand it," they felt I had been given "Spiritual Gifts."

Over time I realized what doing "God's Work" was for me. It was to share the gifts I'd been given to make a positive difference in others lives. Soon, every reading was spontaneously pouring out in perfect 14-line Shakespearean rhyme. Only later did I find out the Finnish connection to my rhyming clairvoyant/seer gifts..."

The purpose for this "Angelic Direction in Poetry," is to encourage, inspire, as well as entertain you; while helping you discover your direction, uncover the answers that already lie in you; and promoting your highest good. Why poetry? Maybe, because poetry is, "What makes the invisible appear." (Nathalie Sarraute)

More Finnish lineage

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